Mommy and Me
Sundays 11:30

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Join Denice for this gentle class focusing mostly on mom. Ideally start 6 weeks post-partum. Moms receive guidance on: Breathing exercises, low back and shoulder love, pelvic floor exercises, gentle baby massage-, strength and posture building, meditation and relaxation for mom and baby.


Itsy Bitsy Yoga
Wednesdays 10:30-11:30

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Join Sonia for this class which focuses on movement, massage and stretching for your baby.  Age from newborn to toddlers. Sonia has been teaching baby yoga since 2002 and is among the first to be trained and certified in Itsy Bitsy yoga from its founder.  She brings you a passion to connect with your little one and a special knowledge of baby movement with it!



-$80 for 6 Weeks
-You may join mid-session for a prorated amount
-No refunds, exchanges or transfers



In our baby yoga classes, moms and babies relax, bond and share in a community of other moms and babies!

The classes are gentle and appropriate for beginners.
No previous yoga experience is needed.
Moms feel comfortable to nurse, change, play or snooze with your baby.
As long as you’re doing that you’re participating!

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