NLY offers so much more than just physical practice, and we immerse students in classes designed to help you learn how to relax, build flexibility and build strength - both mentally and physically. Each week we have overall themes in our classes, and our instructors bring their expertise and individuality to each class so students learn differently from each.

Newsletter: Each week email subscribers receive an informative newsletter including our pose of the week, "Philo Fusion" and general studio information.  You choose if you want a quick read to see what's on for the week, or you can deepen your understanding by following links to the related articles.

In Class: As a studio all instructors incorporate the Pose of the Week allowing students to learn more deeply about a pose and practice it several different ways with each instructor and class formats. Instructors educate students as they pepper in the yoga philosophy for the week creatively during class time.

Bulletin Board: The bulletin board in our lobby provides more detailed information about the weekly pose and philosophy with graphical information and details. Students have opportunity to read this as they share community in our lobby.

At New Life Yoga you have lots of different ways to deepen your yoga path, and we are privileged to have the chance to serve as a guide in your journey!


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