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 Some general information for you:

  • You should wear comfortable, non-restricting clothing for yoga class.  Expect to remove your shoes to store in a cubby, and remove your socks once you are on your mat to avoid slipping.
  • Yoga mats are available for use at the studio.  If you are practicing regularly, you are encouraged to have and use your own mat.
  • Try to come to class on an empty stomach and avoid eating at least an hour before class.
  • Bring water but also, water is available for you at the studio.  You should bring your own water bottle to fill, we are green!

The studio is open 30 minutes prior to the start of classes!

You will be greeted by a knowledgeable staff member at our front desk prior to each class. On days where classes are back-to-back, the building is open; however, the yoga studio will have a class running, and the buffer time between classes is 15 minutes.   Someone will be at the desk prior to the start of the class, and if you need to make a purchase or have any studio business to do, please plan to do it at that time. Payment is to be arranged prior to taking class.

If you don't have studio business, but just want to come and relax, you are welcomed! The yoga room will be available to you with music to help relax or use your pre-class time in any way that you feel led. You can relax in our lobby, read the bulletin board, and enjoy conversation and community.  New Life staff will remain at the front desk for 15 minutes after the start of class (or more).

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