Friday, September 27 -
6:00-7:15 PM
with Kathy

Shake up your traditional yoga practice in this unique class. Step on your mat and get lost in an energetic vinyasa flow while jamming to rock and roll tunes from the likes of Led Zeppelin and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. After riding the wave of sound or vinyasa, yogis will come to a place of deep surrender and unity. All levels are encouraged to experience this fun-loving, music driven yoga class.  Be advised: the music will be loud, proud and uncensored.

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Yoga and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Event
Saturday, October 12 – 5:00-6:15 PM
Kimberly & Michelle Marie

Unwind. Relax. Renew. This special event will be experienced in two parts:

First, you will enjoy 45 minutes of centering, breathing for relaxation and gentle flowing movements. Kimberly will guide you through a series of poses to settle the body and meditative suggestion to calm the mind. You can expect to feel relaxed promoting circulation to the organs, glands and tissues.  You will reduce stress and create stillness to prepare you for your sound bath.

The last 30 minutes you will settle into stillness bathed in the sounds of Michelle Marie Sawtell.  She combines the power of Energy Healing Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and powerful vocals to create a transformative healing experience. The result will be a sound body and a clear, peaceful mind.

                               Cost is $25 per student - reservations recommended.  This class will fill.                                                     Click Here and reserve your spot now!


Thursday Mornings 8AM - 9 AM with Kimberly

During this class you will be guided through poses and stretches that help promote a strong and healthy back.  There is a focus on spine mobility, core strengthening and stretching of areas that are common contributors to back tightness or discomfort.  The class is gentle with a strength component, and due to popular demand, this class has become a regular on our schedule.  

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